Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Evan Turner & Andre Iguodala didn’t make it on time to Jrue Holiday’s Wedding Because their Limousine Broke Down

New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday got married over the weekend to his longtime fiancée U.S. women's soccer player Lauren Cheney. The couple has been engaged since last summer. Both are professional athletes at UCLA.

However, getting to the wedding was not so easy. Some guests were experiencing difficulties when getting to the ceremony. On the way there, a limousine transporting Jrues former Sixers teammates Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala broke down. The guests were forced to wait on the curb for a while until they were picked up in a different vehicle. Evan snapped some fun pictures from while they were waiting inside the limousine.

The limousine transporting Turner and Iguadala caught fire on the way to the occasion. Well, it was more “caught smoke” as Evan Turner reported in his Instagram video. However, it was noticed when the smoke started bursting, and the driver stopped the vehicle in time.

In the Instagram video you can hear the passengers of the Chicago limo say "We almost died in this burnt up limo," however, later when situation calmed down they were relieved: "It's all right though, we got out."

beautiful Chicago wedding picture

They still made it to their friends wedding safely just a little late.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Stretch Lambo? UK based Company Plans to Build a Lamborgini Limousine

A UK based car builder Cars for Stars is working on its new idea to stretch the Lamborgini Aventador into a luxurious limo. As ridiculous as the idea is, the pictures are even more striking. The renderings are computer generated are an “accurate representation of how to limousine would look like”. The effect is definitely unusual and is in a center of multiple recent online debates.

There are many other stretched exotic cars. Limousines builders have a long history of stretching the Hummer, Audi, Infinity, BMW, Porsche or even Maserati. Actually, Chicago is well known for its exotic fleet. There is not Saturday wedding where the bride does not pull up in an Infinity limousine or a giant Hummer H2. Unique limos are a custom project, as they are built by individual contractors. Normally, a Chicago based company orders an exotic limousine through a local coach builder.

UK, on the other hand is innovative enough to come up with as a crazy idea as to stretch the Lamborgini. Currently, the idea is just a designers proposal. It the project gets funding and is supported by an investor, the limousine will be stretched. Cars for Stars released creative renderings of the final look of the project. The pictures accurately represent the way the car would look like. The company claims if the Aventador will be stretched, it will be “a limousine unlike any other existing limo”.

"Cars for Stars" says Lambo Limo is a good idea

"The new stretch Lamborghini remains loyal to the original iconic Aventador design by keeping all its defining features, such as the upwards-opening scissor doors, which contribute to the vehicle’s sleek, stream-lined finish." Take a look at the pictures of the Aventador limousine. Would it be suitable for a Chicago style wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chicago Celebrity Wedding Limos!

Celebrity weddings are cover stories for most magazines when it comes to having the most extravagant wedding. Just take a look at Kim Kardashian’s whooping 10 million wedding. Like most celebrities, Kim’s wedding was about the Vera Wang gown, $15,000 cake, the wedding limo, lavish gifts, the perfected guest list, and all the glamour to make the perfect big wedding. Alec Baldwin, an American actor who has appeared on countless film, stage and television, married Hilaria Thomas this past Saturday. However, Baldwin’s wedding was exceptionally different from the typical Kim Kardashian extravaganza. Before the ceremony, the couple was seen walking around New York City in plain jeans and a t-shirt. While rocking the casual wear, Alec and Hilaria were simply enjoying their day together as they prepared for the ceremony. After the ceremony, the events took a turn.

As paparazzi followed to take pictures of the groom, Baldwin snapped at the reporter threatening him to walk away, “You’re gonna walk away now. You’re not going to follow us.” The party of four stacked in a yellow taxi as Baldwin took the front seat. He hit his head on the roof of the cab, groaned and finally aggressively slammed the door. Alec was later seen attempting to catch a cab outside his apartment to go to the Lowell Hotel on the Upper East Side to spend his wedding night with Hilaria.

Baldwin did spend his day on the cheap, but was it worth it? Had he been celebrating his wedding in Chicago, Baldwin could have taken advantage of renting a Chicago wedding limo and would have had a stress-free day.

With many services to offer, the bride and groom are treated like royalty, without the cost of being one. The package includes a red carpet treatment, a “Just Married” sign, and your preferred color decoration around the limo. Inside the limo the wedding guests can relax and enjoy beer, champaign, water, and soft drinks. Most importantly, Chicago limos are ready to make your day the big perfect wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Forget about the time wasted hauling a cab and cramming into a small taxi, Alec! Treat your wife on your special day and book a limo in the Windy City!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hummer: Why You Won’t See Any New Hummers around Chicago Anymore

Hummer on top of the mountain
2009 Hummer H2 SUV
We see Hummers on the road every day. There are different size and color hummers, SUVs with open roof, even Hummers, stretched into luxury Chicago limousines. But do we ever think why the SUV is so popular around the country and in Chicago?
Hummer is a brand of an SUV, which first appeared to the public in 1992. It was developed by GM based on the military Humvee model M998. The civilian version was called Hummer H1, and the side models were called H2 and H3. The H1 was still looking very much like the original Humvee, however, the H2 and H3 were smaller cars directed toward the civilian market.
Hummer was doing well until the 2008 economic decline. After GM went bankruptcy, Chinese manufacturers were trying to buy the brand. However, under complicated circumstances the bid was cancelled. By 2010, however, it was clear that no one repurchased the brand and the Hummer was discontinued.
The fact that the Hummer was discontinued was hard to Chicago limo services. The stretched Hummer SUV is the most popular vehicle among the wedding parties. The luxurious look of the vehicle enhances wedding pictures and makes transportation unforgettable. Moreover, it is one of the most popular stretch limousines for birthday parties such as Sweet 15s, Sweet16s and Quinceaneras.
Bright ceiling lights in the Chicago Hummer H2 stretch limousine
Interior of the Stretch Chicago Hummer Limousine
So how Chicago wedding limo service operators deal with the loss of the Big H SUV? The older (2008, 2009) Hummers that were produced by coach builders are no longer top – notch cars. The interior of the vehicles got worn and the TVs, players got old too. The key of maintaining your Hummer fresh is to completely rebuild the interior of the vehicle. When doing so, we have a brand new exotic 2012 interior in the 2009 car. And that is not bad. Chicago parties love the look of the stretched Hummer SUV while enjoying new interior with nice ceilings, lasers and other build in amenities of the stretch limo.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Limousine Overview

A newlywed couple sits inside Chicago limo drinking champagne
Bride and groom in a Chicago limo
Lets analyze what type of cars are available for future wives and husbands to celebrate their wedding. The most common Chicago wedding limo is a white 120″ Lincoln super stretch. It is a perfect vehicle for a traditional wedding. It seats up to 10 passengers, yet is elegant and classy. Moreover, Lincoln looks good in pictures and is easy to decorate.

However, if you have more than 10 passengers in you bridal or grooms party, you will logically consider a bigger SUV type of a limousine service. When it Comes to SUV limousines, however, you have a bigger selection to choose from. Most common stretch SUVs are: Navigator, Expedition, Escalade, and Hummer H2. While Navigator, Expedition and Escalade seat up to 14 or 16 passengers, Hummer can seat up to 20 people. It is a perfect choice for those parties with huge wedding dresses.

When deciding how many limousines you need, most of the clients rent one car for bridal party and one for grooms party. It all depends on the budget and preference. However, when booking a limo service Chicago for your wedding, remember to choose quality over the price. Wedding is the day where the wedding limo has to perform its best.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Makes a Great Chauffeur

Every year many drivers decide to become a professional limo chauffeurs. Becoming a
Chicago wedding limousine chauffeur will not aly take your carreer as a driver one step higher but also provide valuable experience for social communications. However, to become a really good chauffer requires extensive training a experience.

Here at Elite Chicago Limo we train our chauffeurs to always exceed your expectations. The first step for becoming a driver involves understanding the expectations or the the customer and those of the limo industry. It is imnportant because the driver always comminicates with people and his behaviour represents the company overall.

However, the secret of becoming a good Chicago limo service chauffeur is withing the person. If the person cares and is passionatea about it he/she will definitely will develop many skills to be a better chauffeur. Then, the job seems becomes easier, more enjoyable and the tip is higher as well!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Lincoln?

When you see so many exotic stretch limousines all over the internet, you probably wonder which one to choose. If you need an elegant an classy Chicago limo service ride the answer is one: choose Lincoln Super Stretch limo. Lincoln has been a trusted limo provider to the world for over a decade. Its' name has grown to represent style, elegance, and luxury. There is no other "exotic" limo that would heve the same reputation and elegant appearance and be perfect for Chicago wedding limo service too.

Elite Chicago Limo will provide the most elegant and rich experience when riding in our Lincoln stretch town Cars. To see our beautiful fleet, visit our YouTube channel. Check out our White Lincoln Chicago Wedding Limo meanwhile!